SEO – The best practices for blogging

When I started blogging back in 2012, SEO and it’s definition was something of a mystery to me.  I understood that web site owners would hire companies for SEO services, and pay a hefty fee to promote their website.  I also understood the second half of the equation was implementing best practices when developing a website to make it “Google” ready.

What I didn’t know is that these principles also apply to a single blog post.  My eyes opened when I began using the wonderful SEO plugin written by Joost de Valk.   You can find the plugin easily by typing “SEO Yoast” in your search engine, or in the WordPress admin panel when adding a new plugin.

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The wild world of tutorial websites and web dev

When I left the womb of General Assembly and found myself out here alone without an instructor I worried.  How was I going to continue learning, and learning well without formal instruction?  I was not only concerned about the latter, but I found myself concerned about recreating the motivational environment you have when you’re surrounded by people eager to learn.

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Hello World! I’m Chris Paccione.

Welcome to my website!

My name is Chris Paccione as you have surmised by now, and I have a love for coding.  It started back way back in the day when I made an attempt to mod a strategic war game for the Battlefront series.  I realized to my dismay (at the time) that I needed to program if I wanted to see on screen what percolated in my head.

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